Our Process

Removal Proposal

If building materials have been identified as containing lead, SCBS will provide a client with a cost proposal to remove the material. The proposal will include all the work practices that will be employed on a particular project.


Once an SCBS removal proposal is accepted by a client, the next step is scheduling the project. Once a start date is determined SCBS will mobilize to your site with a Lead RRP certified supervisor and Lead RRP certified workers. All federal and local regulations will be followed, and the material shall be removed, manifest, and disposed in an EPA approved dump site.

Clearance Testing

Once our team has completed the project, SCBS will work with an industry certified industrial hygienist to provide test results indicating that the area is safe to reoccupy. Once complete, SCBS will breakdown any necessary containments or equipment and leave the premises.

What is Lead?

Lead occurs naturally in the environment, and is found in everything from water and food to the paint on older homes. Although lead is a common element on Earth, it occurs naturally in very small doses. The industrial age led to an increase in the amount of lead in our environments, and several health risks associated with it. Due to the increase of it in our environment, we now see many associated health problems.

Health Risks

Although lead is dangerous people, children and pregnant women are the most at risk. High exposure to lead, such as through paint, can cause a range of health problems.

Children exposed to lead can experience problems including hyperactivity, lower intelligence, stunted growth and hearing problems. Anyone exposed to lead can run the risk of kidney and circulatory problems, as well as reproductive health issues.


Here at SCBS, LLC, we pride ourselves on our commitment to safety. When handling hazardous materials our team has been trusted by hundreds to ensure proper removal and disposal practices are in effect on each and every project. SCBS leaves each project site clean and safe from hazards. SCBS’s President, Jonathan Goodman, holds an EPA accredited Lead Safe RRP certificate and SCBS, LLC as a company is an EPA accredited Lead Safe Company. SCBS makes sure each team member has the proper personal protective equipment including respirators, suits and all other industry specific equipment to ensure a safe working environment.




Project Managers

Environmental Supervisors